3 Tips for Brands As Millennials Embrace Marriage, Motherhood, and the Move to the ‘Burbs

Surprise, surprise, this generation of supposedly childless, car-less, city-living, commitment-phobes is now settling down, having kids, and moving to the suburbs. But just because they’re following in their parents’ footsteps doesn’t mean that the same old marketing strategies will engage them as they hit key adult milestones! In this post, learn how your brand can adapt your selling strategy to make sure you stay relevant to millennials.

Spotlight Series: The Land of Nod

Learning how to attract and retain customer interest for the long haul is a crucial component of any successful business. In this blog post, premium nursery and children’s furniture brand, The Land of Nod, shares how they were able to utilize Ovia Insights’ unique platform to create enduring customer relationships.

Meet the Self-Starter Millennial Mom

A recent Ovia Insights survey revealed that millennial moms defy generalizations. Because this market segment has significant purchasing power, they deserve strategic and differentiated outreach. Meet Susan, the self-starter millennial mom, and learn how to reach her.