6 Mistakes Employers Make with the FMLA

We’ve discussed the FMLA previously on our blog, but today we’re diving into the most common and problematic mistakes employers make regarding the FMLA. It’s not written down Ensure that your FMLA policy is in writing, with detailed information about how your HR department will count days off, determine eligibility, and outline procedure expectations. Include … Continue reading 6 Mistakes Employers Make with the FMLA

How To Talk To Your Employees About Family Leave

Maternity leave policies are rapidly evolving as more and more companies institute paid leave, expand their policies to include paternity leave, and generally offer more flexibility. While improving family leave policies is hugely important to support your employees and their families, it is equally important to communicate these benefits in a supportive and effective manner.

A Look at FMLA

When you’re in the benefits space, “FMLA” gets tossed around a lot. Whether you’re an expert in the law or can’t seem to remember what the acronym stands for, everyone could use a little refresher from time to time. Reviewing the FMLA thoroughly is a helpful way to see how it fits into your organization’s maternity benefits and leave policies.