Ovia Health: Partnering with Consultants and Companies to Innovate Maternity Benefits

At Ovia Health, we’re changing the way workplaces support women and families. Our maternity benefits solution helps companies recruit and retain women, as well as reduce healthcare costs . In addition to working directly with top employers, we’re partnering with leading benefits consultancies to help their clients better support women and families in the workplace. Read on to learn more about our solution, how it works, and how we can partner together.


More and more employers are figuring out that offering maternity leave is no longer enough, especially when it when comes to employee’s overall health, job satisfaction and their own bottom line. Lindsey Conon, Senior Consultant at Willis Towers Watson, explains how employers can create solutions to boost benefit engagement and productivity while lowering their overall maternity costs.

How (And Why) To Retain Top Female Talent

It’s undeniable the workforce is changing – 40% of women are the primary or sole earner for their household, and 70% of women with children under 18 are part of the workforce. Because women have emerged as such a significant segment of the professional world, it’s more important than ever for employers understand how to attract and retain top female talent.

Want to Know How to Create a Great Employee Experience?

Employee experience is a part of everything from recruiting to onboarding to employee retention. The workforce is changing rapidly, and many new jobs require incredibly unique skills that can only be filled by a handful of people. If you’re ready to create an enviable employee experience, the first step is to watch our webinar with Jason Lavender from Willis Towers Watson!

Designing A Digital Benefits Program

With the proliferation of digital health solutions in response to employee demand from an increasingly technology literate workforce, our customers are increasingly turning to us to help answer the question: how do we design a best-in-class digital health benefits program?

Happy National Employee Benefits Day!

April 3rd marks the 13th Annual Employee Benefits Day! It’s a holiday to celebrate the amazing people who work on employee benefits, nationwide. On this day, we salute the professionals who work hard to give us a great portfolio of benefits. From healthcare to transportation subsidies to better snacks at the office, we are grateful for their thoughtfulness and dedication.