A New Generation of Monitors Give Parents an Extra Set of Hands

Technology permeates nearly every facet of life today, and child safety is no exception - we’re noticing all sorts of exciting innovations are in the baby space. In this post, see how the latest cohort of baby monitors can help parents in ways that we never before imagined, totally transforming the nursery.

Introducing the Ovia Insights Brand Summit

The Ovia Insights Brand Summit is an educational and discussion-based event designed to help brands and agencies reach and engage millennial women. You will have the unique opportunity to join a community of industry experts and peers dedicated to overcoming common challenges and testing new marketing strategies.

Ingredient Transparency: A Core Millennial Value

Ingredient transparency has become an important way to show millennials that they can and should trust your brand; it can also show millennials that your brand is part of their drive to build a better, safer world for their children. Find out how to leverage ingredient transparency to become an essential part of millennials’ home and family life.

Digital Coupons: How To Strengthen The Millennial Connection

Digital coupons are a powerful marketing tool because they help businesses connect with and retain a valuable consumer population: millennials. Millennials make over half their purchases online, which primes them to be the ideal consumers of and ambassadors for a new age of digital coupons. Read on to find out how and why digital coupons do so much more than save a few dollars.