A Hosted Conversation on Maternity Benefits

Here at Ovia Health, we spend our days talking to employers, partners, health plans, researchers, and industry-leaders about one very important topic: making maternity care better. So we had an idea – what if we got all of these people together in one room to have this conversation collectively? We did. And the outcome was inspiring.

Ovia Health: Partnering with Consultants and Companies to Innovate Maternity Benefits

At Ovia Health, we’re changing the way workplaces support women and families. Our maternity benefits solution helps companies recruit and retain women, as well as reduce healthcare costs . In addition to working directly with top employers, we’re partnering with leading benefits consultancies to help their clients better support women and families in the workplace. Read on to learn more about our solution, how it works, and how we can partner together.

3 Ways Employers Can Support and Engage Working Parents

To attract and retain top talent, organizations must acknowledge that their employees have lives outside of the office. 53% of employees say a role that allows them to have greater work-life balance is “very important” to them. So, how can employers help employees—especially working parents—better navigate and manage their work and home lives? Find out.

The Cost of Prematurity

We were thrilled to be a part of Boston Business Journal's recent "Table of Experts" panel: The Cost of Prematurity. Preterm deliveries put a huge strain on families, workplaces, and entire communities. Luckily, there are some tools and strategies that can help navigate the challenges of caring for a premature infant. Read here to learn how Ovia Health can be a resource to families and employers alike.

#LifeHack: Outsmarting Open Enrollment

Open enrollment is overwhelming – for you and for your employees. We’ve rounded up our top three tips to get the comprehensive benefits package you’ve built on your employees’ radar all year. Your life will be easier and your employees will more fully utilize their benefits. Win-win.

NBGH 2017: Launching Our Motherhood in America Report

Last week, the National Business Group on Health hosted their annual fall conference – we were thrilled to launch our Motherhood in America Report at this inspiring event. We asked women what they value on their journey to motherhood; our report outlines what they said, as well as high-impact strategies employers can adopt to better support female talent.


More and more employers are figuring out that offering maternity leave is no longer enough, especially when it when comes to employee’s overall health, job satisfaction and their own bottom line. Lindsey Conon, Senior Consultant at Willis Towers Watson, explains how employers can create solutions to boost benefit engagement and productivity while lowering their overall maternity costs.

Tip Sheet: How To Support Breastfeeding Employees

August is National Breastfeeding Awareness Month, a time dedicated for moms to talk openly about the joys and difficulties of breastfeeding – the workplace is not often a place breastfeeding is talked about openly, but employers can play a huge role setting breastfeeding employees up for success. We’ve rounded up some tips to get you started.