Talent Programs Help Attract and Retain the Right Talent

With 34% of women not returning to their jobs after maternity leave, it’s crucial that employers have programs in place to help parents return to work successfully once they start a family. The alternative is to face high replacement costs (typically 33% of annualized salary) and finding the diverse talent needed for an employer to stay competitive.

Ovia Health’s Motherhood in America Report explores high-impact strategies that employers can adopt to better support female talent in the workplace. For example, by implementing Talent Programs, employers help create a more family-friendly environment where new parents are welcomed, and all employees continue to be supported and engaged.



In collaboration with Babson College Professor Dr. Danna Greenberg, a leading thought leader in organizational behavior, Ovia Health has launched an evidence-based return to work program to help employees feel confident about their career and life transitions.

Our Talent Programs include a comprehensive set of modules that support women and families throughout their fertility, pregnancy, return-to-work, and parenting journeys. These educational and interactive programs help women feel empowered, educated, and confident in their decision to remain in the workforce after becoming parents. Our modules are designed to address a variety of topics, including:

  • How to plan for maternity leave
  • Finding and evaluating childcare options
  • Creating a return to work plan
  • Pumping at work
  • Building a support network

Community and Socialization:  A unique feature of Ovia Health’s Talent Programs is that we encourage parents to share their personal journeys with others using the Ovia Health app. Parents can share tips and tricks for finding balance between work and family, managing “mom guilt,” and finding childcare.


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