Announcing New Ad Units from Ovia Insights

Ovia Insights ad units are designed to be fun, informative, and, most importantly, native to their surroundings. We strive to serve content that interests and engages our users, which is why our ad units are informative for users and high-performing for partners.

We’re proud to announce an expanded inventory of highly engaging ad experiences to help brands tell an impactful story that will drive traffic and inspire action.

Engage and Influence with New Ad Units

Carousel & Text Ads


Ovia Insights carousel ads are a fun, interactive way to tell your brand story and showcase a variety of products. Text ads allow you to maximize the impact of your message — just a few words and a clear call to action will drive qualified traffic to your page.

Expandable Display Ads


Expandable display ads give you room for limitless creativity! Captivate and educate customers with an immersive brand experience.

Updates to Existing Ad Units

Display Ads & Video


Inspire action through display ads and videos with new, animated buttons. The “share” feature is now easier to find, and the ads feel more native than ever.

Ask Your Audience


Get quick feedback to power your brand strategy. Our rapid-response polling tool now allows brands to leave the first comment on questions with a clear call to action — so you can both ask questions and give answers.

Ovia Insights offers a diverse suite of mobile-first native advertising and market research solutions that help brands and agencies connect with our highly engaged audience of millennial women. To learn more, visit or email us at