Why Gabriela Perez Hobson, Investor and Healthcare Expert, Joined Ovia Health

Gabriela Perez Hobson, Executive Vice President of Business Development at Ovia Health, shares why she chose to join the team. 

In my twenty years in the healthcare space and four years as an early stage investor, I’ve met, worked with, and heard from a multitude of technology-enabled healthcare companies. I’ve seen many apparently strong ventures fail — and I’ve seen some unlikely candidates succeed. Over this time, I’ve developed my own views and identified some key themes behind e-health enterprises that last.

Meeting Ovia Health in 2017, I was excited to see a winning combination of elements that would enable the organization to thrive. Namely, their offering is centered on three powerful pillars: clinically supported and evidence-based guidelines; purposeful design and deep engagement; and an intensive and personalized experience. Together, these pillars help Ovia Health to deliver an immediate and measurable impact to its users.

Clinically Supported and Evidence-Based Guidelines

The biggest challenge for e-health organizations is engaging consumers and demonstrating adoption of new behaviors. Ovia Health has mastered the art and science of behavioral change. Leveraging machine learning and targeting the “right moment” in the parenthood journey — fertility, pregnancy, postpartum, parenting — Ovia Health’s technology educates and activates users to take action when it matters, creating the associated positive outcome. At its core are more than 50 physician-developed, evidence-based algorithms that are proven and trusted to drive early identification and proactive intervention, helping participants conceive naturally, reducing the need for expensive fertility treatments, managing PPD, and achieving a healthy pregnancy.

Purposeful Design and Deep Engagement

Any successful digital health solution needs to meet participants where they are, be easy to use, and encourage persistency. Ovia Health is one of the very few digital health companies in the space that has been able to de-risk engagement for its buyers — primarily employers and health plans. With users coming back daily (30+ interactions per month), Ovia Health has demonstrated that sustained, thoughtful engagement leads to meaningful outcomes. When I look at potential investments in consumer-first technology, I know that just because you have a great solution does not mean that it is put together in a way that is usable and understandable. There is a gap between intent and behavior. The intentionality of Ovia Health’s design for affecting behavior truly sets them apart.

Intensive and Personalized Experience

Engagement on its own, without clear outcomes, is simply not meaningful. Ovia Health has pioneered predictive coaching, adding an in-app human touch to its product. Through this technology, the solution can predict, identify, and drive action throughout the parenthood journey. Before I joined Ovia Health, I was a user of their app and was fascinated by how it made me feel and take action. It was like having an expert friend with me, encouraging and guiding me every step of the way, with fertility advice, prenatal and postpartum wellness, newborn feeding and sleep support, career and life transitions, and more. It gave me information when I needed it — even before I realized I needed it, providing me with relevant content in a language I could relate to. It’s not intrusive, yet it is empathetic, personalized, predictive, preventive, and participatory. I’m not surprised that 98% of Ovia Health participants will recommend this product to their friends and family.

Ovia Health’s three pillars drive healthy and positive outcomes by identifying risk factors, educating about risks and interventions, and empowering behavior change. While these principles are not unique — on every investment pitch I hear, all claim to do so — what is extraordinary is that Ovia Health has actually demonstrated a shift from pure education to inspiration, from features and functions to a deeper appeal that moves people to act and engage. Benefit buyers need to look deeply at their digital solution and ensure that meaningful engagement comes with demonstrable outcomes.

Learn more at www.benefits.oviahealth.com.