Think You Know Millennial Moms? Think Again.

To sustain growth and maintain relevance, brands must target and connect with millennials, who now comprise over half of the workforce and spend more than $65 billion each year. The loyalty of millennial mothers is especially coveted because women control 70-80% of household purchases. In 2018, there will be more millennial women in the workforce than ever before, and more than a million millennials will become mothers every year, which means that millennial moms will soon wield even more purchasing power.

Most marketers have heard the same generalizations about millennials: they favor companies that are socially conscious, they are more likely to have a smartphone, and they favor experiences over things. However, this “one size fits all” marketing approach can quickly fall flat. Four findings from the Ovia Insights Millennial Mom Digest show that brands should be segmenting their marketing strategies in order to effectively reach distinct demographics within the broader “millennial mom” umbrella.

  1. Not all millennial moms gravitate towards Facebook and Twitter. Digitally savvy millennial moms prefer Tumblr, YouTube, and video ad content. This finding is particularly helpful for brands trying to target moms to become ambassadors or recommend products; finding the tech-savvy millennial through video content on YouTube may be your best bet.
  2. Not all millennial moms want to “have it all.” Millennial moms who are focused on their careers value quality, longevity, and dependability in products. While this mom does spend time on the usual social media sites, her favored platform is LinkedIn. Try targeting this mom on LinkedIn, using career-focused messaging, to solicit interest.
  3. Not all millennial moms are using their phones in the same way. Unplugged millennial moms prefer to use their phones to find information and do research, not post on Instagram, so advertising is better done through informational and service platforms rather than on social media. Also, this type of millennial mom loves to test products herself — she is most likely to recommend products she’s taken the time to vet personally — so sampling is a great bet for brands!
  4. Not all millennial moms connect with traditional ads. Millennial moms who are socially conscious and mission focused don’t always connect with traditional ads, but they do connect with brands that use advertising to take a stand and address political issues or current events. Try leveraging mobile ad content that is focused on a mission — authenticity is key for this type of millennial mom.

The more a brand can tailor their messages to the specific type of millennial mom they hope to attract, the more success they will have in the marketplace. There’s no doubt that all of these millennial moms (and millennial women in general!) are unified by their desire to find brands that recognize and celebrate them for exactly who they are. If and when brands can do that, loyalty follows.