New from Ovia Health!

Ovia Health has touched the lives of more than 9 million people through our three Ovia apps, and we’re proud to offer the industry-leading maternity and family benefits solution to insurers and employers. It’s our mission to improve the world for women and families, and we do that by constantly innovating and improving upon our products. Today, we have some exciting announcements about the Ovia Health benefits solution for Fertility, Pregnancy, and Parenting!

Talent programs

We’ve launched new talent programs in Ovia Health to support women and men from the moment they start trying to conceive through when they return to work! These evidence-based programs were co-created with return-to-work expert Dr. Danna Greenberg to help Ovia Health users feel confident at work and at home, and users will be automatically enrolled into the programs relevant to their lives.

Once enrolled, users will read articles and watch videos in programs such as “Returning to work,” “Moms at work,” and “Working parents” to help manage these critical career and life transitions.

A new look

Ovia Health users can now view all of their health programs in one place. With a tap to the “Health” section in any Ovia app, Ovia Health users can take the health assessment, see the programs they’re enrolled in, read about their employer health benefits, talk to an Ovia Health coach, and easily track and manager their fertility, pregnancy, or family health.


Predictive coaching

Our Registered Nurse health coaches provide women and families with high-touch support — answering questions about reproductive health, pregnancy, newborn and pediatric care, and more. Our coaches work from evidence-based care plans to provide women and families with the highest quality support for all of their health questions and decisions.

In addition to responsive coaching, we’re excited to announce predictive coaching for Ovia Health! If a user enters a particular data point or reaches a milestone that, coupled with their existing health profile, could indicate a risk factor for a complication, a coach will automatically reach out to learn more and provide guidance.

To learn more about Ovia Health and the exciting new features we’re (always) working on, click here!