Ovia Health: Partnering with Consultants and Companies to Innovate Maternity Benefits

At Ovia Health, we’re changing the way workplaces support women and families. Our maternity benefits solution helps companies recruit and retain women, as well as reduce healthcare costs (maternity costs can comprise up to 10% of corporate healthcare spend). In addition to working directly with top employers, we’re partnering with leading benefits consultancies to help their clients better support women and families in the workplace.  Are you a consultant looking to learn more about Ovia Health?  Read on to learn more about our solution, how it works, and how we can partner together.

How does Ovia Health work?

Our maternity benefits support the whole family, from preconception and pregnancy through return-to-work and working parenthood. With over 40 clinical programs, predictive coaching, coaching curriculums and personalized care plans, and customized employer benefits information, we help companies prevent costs, increase benefits utilization and satisfaction, improve health outcomes, and foster a female- and family-friendly workplace. In turn, this helps increase retention and return-to-work.

Why is it important to have maternity benefits?

Having a solution that spans the entire journey to parenthood is incredibly important. Our recent Motherhood in America report found that 64% of women make the decision to leave their job before they have their child. Employers that don’t support and retain top female talent can face a cost of up to 200% of that employee’s salary to replace women who leave. Our maternity benefits solution solves that problem, engaging with employees from the moment they walk in the door, all the way through return-to-work and being a working parent.

How do we work with companies and consultants?

This Spotlight Series featuring Lindsey Conant, a senior consultant at Willis Towers Watson, explains how we work with consultants to help their clients increase benefits engagement and retention, as well as reduce costs related to complications or health risks, such as preterm delivery, infertility, and postpartum depression.

And check out this Spotlight Series on News Corp to read more about how companies are using our technology to have a best-in-class employee benefits program, and engage women and families in the workplace.