#LifeHack: Outsmarting Open Enrollment

Open enrollment is overwhelming – for everyone. Your employees are unsure of which benefits programs make the most sense for them and their family, and you’re getting inundated with questions.

But what if it didn’t have to be that way?

We’ve rounded up our top three tips to get the comprehensive benefits package you’ve built on your employees’ radar all year – not just October through December. Your life will be easier during open enrollment, and your employees will more fully utilize their benefits. Win-win.

Concisely compile your benefits in one place.

Reading through the entire benefits package they received on their first day is a large—and unlikely—lift for most employees. Make it easier for your team members to understand the solutions you offer by keeping stock of all of your employee benefits digitally. Organize them by category (e.g., family, financial, health, wellness) and provide a quick description of each. A user-friendly web page is a great start. A mobile app is even better.

Incentivize your employees.

People like perks. Offering incentives when employees use their benefits, log their data, or enroll in programs is a great way to encourage utilization. Using a small bonus, wellness reimbursement, or family-friendly “gift” to get employees engaged initially has the power to pay-off in long-term utilization.

Offer benefits that are mobile-friendly.

Your employees are using their phones all day, every day as a primary hub for many of their activities – from mobile banking to counting steps, dinner reservations to doctor’s appointments, ordering groceries to paying their phone bill. Adopting a corporate HR app or offering mobile benefits is a great way to meet people where they are and drive engagement.

Not sure where to start? We’ve developed a guide to designing and implementing a digital benefits program that engages employees while improving health outcomes and reducing costs – check it out.

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