Spotlight Series: The Land of Nod

Our new “Spotlight Series” features brands and agencies we work with on our Insights platform to reach our common audience – the millennial woman. Keep reading to learn how leading professionals in the field employ marketing strategies and how you can leverage their findings to grow your business.

It’s the million dollar question on every marketer’s mind—how can your company attract and retain customer interest for the long haul? Premium retailer The Land of Nod did just that with a brand awareness campaign that targeted women early in pregnancy and nurtured them throughout with native advertising content.

Matt Ebbert and Kristin Heimsoth from The Land of Nod presented at our recent inaugural Ovia Insights Brand Summit, where we gathered a group of our most influential customers and prospects together to share best practices around engaging millennial women. We reimagined ways in which mobile marketing can help brands reach this target audience, and explored new data about an amazing generation of millennial influencers. In this Spotlight feature, we’ll share the highlights of Matt and Kristin’s presentation.

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Keeping Customers Coming

The Land of Nod’s main goal was to create enduring customer relationships. Executives at the company believed that if they introduced the brand to women early enough in their pregnancies, and then continued to advertise to them throughout, they could entice more women to build registries and take advantage of the company’s custom design services, all while building a base of loyal, lifelong customers.

“When you’re in the beginning of your pregnancy, you’re really in a discovery phase, you’re not ready to make a purchase, you’re trying to do all of your research, and we realized that we want to get in front of you at that time, let you know about our brand, so that when you get to the end of your pregnancy, you’re ready to make a purchase, you’re comfortable with us, and you’re confident that the purchase you’re making is the right one.”  

— Matt Ebbert, CRM and Analytics Manager, The Land of Nod

The Keys to a Successful Campaign

In order to reach their target demographic, The Land of Nod turned to Ovia Insights, taking advantage of what Ovia uniquely offers in this digital space—a platform that has an authentic relationship with its users over the course of their entire pregnancy. Ovia Insights created a “pipeline” where consistently, newly pregnant women were introduced to The Land of Nod brand on Ovia Pregnancy, and nurtured with contextually relevant messaging based on the their gestational age.

The campaign featured a wide selection of native, mobile assets that drove engagement. A core component of this diverse media mix was a series of four branded editorials that the Land of Nod created in partnership with Ovia’s creative team. These editorials—a new ad unit at the time—were the perfect complement to the robust design content featured on Land of Nod’s own website. Each version of the editorials on Ovia Pregnancy broke down key concepts of design, giving Ovia Pregnancy users the knowledge to build beautiful nurseries and spaces on their own.

After running this campaign for eight months, with the Ovia team monitoring and optimizing throughout, the team at The Land of Nod deemed it a success. According to Kristin and Matt, Ovia contributed to one of the largest amounts of new registry creations ever!

“We really realized pretty quickly with Ovia that we have to look at the big picture of things, and even if we’re not getting the same return early in a woman’s pregnancy as we are later on, that’s okay, because at some point they’re going to make a purchase with us.”  —Kristin Heimsoth, Direct Marketing Strategist, The Land of Nod

So Much Love for The Land of Nod

At Ovia Health, we’re extremely dedicated to the millions of women who have looked to Ovia Fertility, Pregnancy, and Parenting to support them on their journey to grow a family. We want to support women at all of their critical life stages, and we get extremely excited when we have the opportunity to partner with great brands like The Land of Nod that share this goal through our Insights platform. Any brand with millennial women as their audience can benefit from studying The Land of Nod’s strategy for developing deep, lasting customer relationships. Millennial women want to engage with brands they trust who show that they care about them, so this lesson extends far beyond retail!

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