NBGH 2017: Launching Our Motherhood in America Report

“How many of you think women decide not to return to work after their baby is born?” Kristen Craft, VP of Marketing at Ovia Health, asked the audience attending her keynote presentation at the annual National Business Group on Health (NBGH) conference.

Nearly the entire audience raised their hands.

Kristen flipped to the next slide revealing that 64% of women decide to leave their job before their baby is born. She continued, “Companies need to support female talent from the moment these women walk in the door in order to keep their businesses relevant and successful.”

There are 25.1 million mothers in today’s workplace, and the total number of women in the workforce has increased significantly over the past 60 years. These women are driving leading companies and organizations forward, but we don’t know nearly enough about their motivations, values, and experiences as working mothers.

The inaugural Motherhood in America report surveyed nearly 2,000 women, asking them what they want and value on their journey into motherhood. This report outlines high-impact strategies that employers can adopt now to better support female talent in the workplace.

Want to know how to support mothers in the workplace and retain female talent?

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