Reaching Millennial Moms: Moving Beyond One-Size-Fits-All Advertising

Earlier this year, Ovia Insights announced the results of our groundbreaking survey of nearly 3,500 millennial women. In this survey, we asked moms who were active on Ovia Pregnancy about everything from basic demographic information to how they prefer to interact with the digital world and what motivates them to engage with brands.

The most significant thing that we learned is that not all millennial moms are the same. Advertisers who are looking to engage this audience need to recognize, understand, and talk to all the unique and diverse mom personas out there, not just an “average” mom who fits our stereotypes of millennials.

This week we hosted a webinar to dig into four of the personas revealed in our survey and give brands additional insight into how to tailor their messaging to reach them. We also talked about:

  • The huge influence and purchasing power of the millennial mom audience
  • The types of messages that work best for each of the four mom personas identified in our survey
  • How to design an ad that speaks to the persona your brand is targeting

During the Q&A portion of the webinar, attendees asked about how to target more than one persona at a time (pro tip: work with your publisher to create a diverse media mix) and how to better understand your customer when you don’t necessarily have the time or budget for in-depth market research (pro tip: try a rapid polling tool for quick feedback on brand awareness and messaging).

Interested in learning more about what we covered? Download the webinar recording today! You can also download the ebook for a deeper dive into the data, with detailed information on the survey cohort as a whole, as well as in-depth analysis of each of the four personas.