Meet the Tech-Savvy Millennial Mom

Ovia Insights recently surveyed over 3,500 women to better understand their passions, motivations, and media habits. The result? There is no one-size-fits-all approach to reaching millennial moms. Learning how to match your brand’s messaging to millennial moms’ unique values and characteristics is crucial if you want to tap into this key demographic.

You’ve already met Natural Living Natalie, Self-Starter Susan, and Socially-Conscious Sonya, so now we’re thrilled to introduce you to the fourth and final category of millennial mom: Tech-Savvy Tara!

Three Things to Know About Tara:

  1. Tara gravitates toward alternative social media platforms like Tumblr or YouTube, not the ubiquitous Facebook or Twitter favored by others.
  2. Tara embraces modern technology even more than her peers, but she also cares deeply about social and family traditions, and following the parenting style of her parents.
  3. She prioritizes upward mobility and a good cultural fit over benefits and company mission when assessing employers.

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