The Latest & Greatest from Ovia Insights: Introducing Ask Your Audience Rapid Polls


One of our core company values at Ovia Health is to live for our users—the millions of women and families who have signed up for Ovia Fertility, Ovia Pregnancy, and Ovia Parenting. We believe that our users should be at the center of everything we do, from business decisions to product design—we’re absolutely obsessed with understanding them! And that’s why 1.6 million women choose to engage with us each month, signing in daily and making a regular habit of logging health data and reading our in-app content (including sponsored content from the fabulous brands who advertise with us!).

How We Engage with Millennial Women

So what does our user obsession look like in practice? How do we get to know these women so well? There’s no single answer, because we do so much! We interview them when we’re making product updates. We start conversations with them on our social media channels. We read every single one of their reviews in the App Store and Google Play. We interact with them daily through customer support.

We also monitor the Ovia Community, an in-app user forum where women can pose questions to their peers about pregnancy, childbirth, and motherhood and quickly receive responses and advice. Since our company was founded almost five years ago, 150 million Ovia Community questions and comments have been posted—and we’ve read them all!

How We Help You Engage with Millennial Women

Starting this month, the leading brands that work with us through Ovia Insights, our market research and native advertising platform, will also be able to engage users in the Ovia Community. Through our new Ask Your Audience feature, brands can now pose questions directly to our highly engaged audience of millennial women—and get answers fast! A few of the brands that we currently work with have already had the opportunity to test-drive this feature. These early adopters have used Ask Your Audience to gauge brand awareness and to test their messaging to ensure their advertising campaigns are optimized to get results.

Ask Your Audience in Action

Wondering how your brand can use our new Ask Your Audience feature? Here are a few scenarios to spark innovation:

  • Find out if your brand has name recognition. Use Ask Your Audience to find out if your brand is top of mind for millennial women. If it is, proceed with your planned messaging! But if not, you’ll want to consider creating a brand awareness campaign before launching your newest product.
  • Test different messages to learn what resonates. Deploying a survey or gathering a focus group takes time, and is it even worth it when your brand is considering minor tweaks to language, rather than a completely new message? Deploy Ask Your Audience to fine-tune your message for maximum impact.
  • Plan your next promotion or exclusive. Coupon-cutting isn’t dead, it’s just gone digital! Millennials love deals and exclusives, but you have to make sure the incentive is right. What better way to find out than to go straight to the source? Ask Your Audience is the perfect promo planning tool.

We know that you’re as obsessed with our users as we are! Get even more connected with them through Ask Your Audience rapid polls.