Meet the Socially-Conscious Millennial Mom

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again – not all millennial moms are the same. A recent Ovia Insights survey revealed that, contrary to what most marketers believe, millennial moms are not one large, cohesive group. But rather they’re a diverse group of women that vary in terms of motivations, passions, and media habits.

We’ve already introduced you to Natural Living Natalie and Self-Starter Susan, and now we’re pleased to introduce you to “Socially-Conscious Sonya”, a progressive urbanite who prioritizes company mission and community improvement.

Three Things to Know About Sonya:

  1. She defines success as the ability to make a difference through her day-to-day activities, and that includes working for a mission-driven employer.
  2. Sonya’s motivation to engage with social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter is to learn about current events, so she can participate in meaningful debate.
  3. She’s committed to nurturing her family, but she doesn’t equate that commitment with being a stay-at-home mom.

How should brands reach Sonya? Download the full report to learn more about Sonya and receive recommendations on how best to reach her!

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