Required Reading From Breastfeeding Awareness Month

Breastfeeding Awareness Month is coming to a close, and there’s been a lot of great information shared the past few weeks! We’re so excited to have partnered with Edgepark all month to bring you great tips and to help moms see if they qualify for an insurance-covered breast pump at little to no out-of-pocket cost.

We believe that breastfeeding is the best way to nourish a newborn and that every mom who can should give it a try!

The more you know, the more you can do to support the breastfeeding moms in your life (even if that means giving pep talks to yourself in the mirror). Keep talking about how important breastfeeding is, how difficult it can be, and what can be done to help moms everywhere nurse successfully.

Giving these articles a read is a great way to start!

  1. CBS News: Can Breast Milk Feed a Love of Veggies?
  2. Newsweek: Five Things to Know about Breastfeeding Around the World
  3. USA Today: Breastfeeding: Not a Single Country in the World Meets WHO, UNICEF Standards

  4.  CNBC: Melinda Gates: It’s Time to Get Real about Breastfeeding at Work

  5. USA Today: Weird Breastfeeding Questions Answered by Lactation Consultants
  6. Health Line: Breastfeeding May Lower Your Risk of Developing Multiple Sclerosis
  7. CBS Minnesota: U Of M Study Asks Why Breastfeeding Is Beneficial To Babies
  8. Refinery 29: The Truth About Breastfeeding With Implants
  9. Bustle: This Woman’s Instagram Post Showing Her “Breastfeeding Reality” Is Helping Moms Feel Less Alone