3 Reasons Why Your Brand Should Invest in Content

Quality content has become one of the most buzz-worthy topics among marketers and advertisers. But does content live up to the hype? Is it really worth the investment for brands? Does content produce ROI? When we dug deeper, we found that the answer to all these questions is a resounding yes. Today’s savvy, proactive customers have an appetite that just isn’t satisfied by traditional advertising tactics. Beyond the actual products they’re buying, your customers want information, support, and advice. They want to connect with the brands they shop, which is why brands of all shapes and sizes are jumping on the content bandwagon.

Read on for three reasons why you should devote more time, money, and energy to generating (and sharing!) valuable content.

1. Content keeps you competitive

Display ads and pay-per-click (PPC) models have long been key pillars of brands’ growth strategies – and we don’t expect that to change. However, because millennial consumers save their loyalty for brands that think freshly and strive to meet them where they are, PPC alone won’t get the job done. Forward-thinking brands are spending extra time getting to know their ideal customers and creating meaningful content for them to consume. In the mom-baby space, The Honest Company is a front-runner, with a blog that is rich with everything from video content to recipes to lifestyle pieces. The Land of Nod is another great example, with a Design Library full of tips and tricks for DIY nursery decorating. Many other industries are following suit. In the financial services sector, newcomer Wealthsimple is giving the competition a run for its money with creative, engaging blog content that’s relevant to its millennial audience, like this “Money Diaries” post featuring actress Rachel Bloom.

Pro tip: Add content to your tried-and-true outreach strategies to set your brand up for success with the next generation of consumers.

2. Content establishes you as an expert

Blog posts. Podcasts. Sponsored editorials. Content shows your brand has put deep thought into your audience’s desires and proves that you can give them exactly what they want. Content highlights your brand’s expertise, both explicitly and implicitly. Moms, especially millennial moms, are thirsty for information! Walking into a Babies ‘R’ Us, Target, or any other major retailer with a baby section can be incredibly overwhelming, for both first-time and veteran parents. The same goes for online shopping, whether it’s with a giant like Amazon or a small, local baby brand. The number of choices available can quickly overwhelm even the savviest shopper! So moms seek out and become loyal to brands that can help them successfully navigate the many important purchases they have to make to prepare for baby. If brands can show alignment with their parenting values, even better! Serving up an educational article in addition to an ad for a specific product will establish your brand as an industry leader and thus is one of the most effective ways to make your product stand out in a crowded marketplace.

Pro tip: Expecting parents can get overwhelmed by purchasing decisions, so offer some relief with educational, informative content.

3. Content creates life-long, loyal customers

Remember years ago in the music business when CD sales started plummeting and illegal downloading ran rampant? Record labels and musicians had to find a way to win their customers back. They did it with content (and they continue to do it today!), creating high-value offerings like video, visual albums, tour photography books, personalized art work by music artists, and merchandise to create an experience that listeners can’t get by just downloading an album. The music industry shows that when a brand offers more than just a product – providing customers with education, connection with others, or an outlet – even if just for a few minutes, they are growing customers’ trust and building loyalty. A temporary spike in sales from a successful ad campaign is great. But what matters most is fostering relationships with customers that will keep them coming back.

Pro tip: Think beyond individual transactions and give customers content that creates an experience.

Hopefully we’ve succeeded in convincing you that content deserves to be king! Did you know that Ovia Insights has a team of designers and creative strategists entirely dedicated to helping brands generate high-quality, compelling content?

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