Mom hacks for feeding hungry babies

You’ve got a baby on your hands, and that means your hands are full. Every little tidbit helps, and we’ve gathered some nuggets of wisdom that might make keeping your newborn happy and fed more manageable.

Tiny fingers: Speaking of hands, keep your little one’s occupied! Babies often like to feel around and explore while they eat, which can make nursing more difficult. There are breastfeeding necklaces designed to look stylish and be safe for a baby to play with. You can also consider bringing a soft toy or extra blankie along for your baby to interact with while they eat.

Portable bottle warmer: Needing to heat a bottle can be a barrier to getting out and going places. If you have access to hot water (and most buildings do), you can fill a travel or camping thermos with it. Then, place your bottle in the filled thermos, and in about a minute you’ll have a heated bottle!

Assemble in a line: If you’re prepping a bunch of bottles, doing it in assembly line fashion can save you a lot of time, make sure they’re evenly filled, and that you didn’t forget any steps (tired moms have been known to pack bottles without nipples). This is also true if you’re washing and drying your bottles by hand.

The formula for formula: If you’re formula feeding, try pre-measuring the water you need in a bottle. Then, keep a bottles worth of pre-measured formula in a separate bag or formula dispenser. Now, if you need to prep a bottle on the go, you just pour, shake, and feed.

A little reminder: One of the most common breastfeeding hacks, and one of the best, is to somehow mark the breast you last nursed with so you know which to start on next time. You can buy cute clip-ons for your bra, use a safety pin, or keep a nursing pad in one cup. A word of warning, don’t rely on something like a hairpin that’s likely to fall off!

Try not to pay for your pump: Most moms are able to get a breast pump at little to no out-of-pocket cost through their insurance provider. When you go through a service like Edgepark, you can place your order any time during pregnancy, or soon after, and get a pump delivered to your door. Edgepark does all the work of communicating with your insurance to get you the pump of your choice. See if you qualify, and what pumps are available, in just a couple of minutes.

Dr. Bottle: While it’s not exactly about feeding, this hack uses the equipment. Medications for babies come as a liquid, and often you’ll be instructed to deliver them with a syringe or eyedropper which can be difficult. If your baby needs medicine, try using a bottle nipple to deliver it instead! Maybe put some breastmilk or formula on the tip so they’ll be interested in taking it.