3 Data-Driven Tips to Help Increase Baby Registry Sign-Ups

Based on our original research, Ovia found that 85% of women create baby registries when they’re expecting. That’s great news for brands that offer registries! Want more good news? If family and friends don’t buy everything on a pregnant woman’s registry, she’s likely to buy the remaining items herself. Whether it’s a few key essentials or cleaning out the registry, nearly 100% of the 1,500 new and expecting moms we surveyed planned on making registry purchases after their baby shower. If a brand wants to win these sales, it’s critical to make a registry that is attractive to moms. Read on for three actionable takeaways from our survey that you can use to increase baby registry sign-ups.

Recommendations and Reviews

Millennial women are savvy, informed consumers, so it should come as no surprise that they want products with proven value. Accordingly, an expecting mom is not likely to add products to her registry unless other parents vouch for them. In fact, 40% of the women we surveyed said positive reviews and recommendations were the most important factor in deciding where to register. How can brands act on this finding? Consider adding or improving an easily accessible feedback system, so you can show moms that your brand is trusted and loved by many.

Make it a Breeze, Please

Another way to increase the number of moms who elect to register with your brand is through improving user-friendliness – not just for the soon-to-be mom, but for her entire network. In fact, three-quarters of our survey respondents cited convenience for her family and friends as the deciding factor when selecting a registry, while 64% prioritized the convenience of building it themselves! Our advice? Not only should you streamline your sign-up process to attract moms, but you should build a registry program that’s easy to navigate online and on mobile devices. That way, anyone, anywhere, can access it while shopping on-the-go.

The More (Products), the Better

Expecting moms want their registries to be a one-stop-shop for all of baby’s needs, from essentials to furniture to nursery decorations. Moms-to-be have a wide array of registry priorities: 98% register for essentials (e.g., diapers and a stroller), 73% choose extras (e.g., cute clothing and extra toys), 72% want bedding, and 49% add furniture to their list. The takeaway for brands? Maximize your registry’s appeal by including a variety of products and, by doing so, you can position yourself to be the sole provider everything a millennial mom could ever want for baby!

With so many registry choices available, brands need to understand what matters most to expecting moms. These tips will position you to increase revenue and the number of loyal customers, as well as strengthen your brand’s relationship with and value to mothers.

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