Meet the Self-Starter Millennial Mom

A recent Ovia Insights survey revealed that millennial moms aren’t a homogenous group. In fact, we found that millennial moms fit into several broad categories. Understanding the different “types” of millennial mom will enable you to create unique, targeted messaging for this nuanced group of women.

You’ve already met Natural Living Natalie, who focuses on family over career, and now we’re pleased to introduce you to “Self-Starter Susan” – an ambitious career woman with big personal and professional goals!

Three Things to Know About Susan:

  1. Susan has a job with a paycheck that makes her the majority contributor to her household.
  2. Susan does spend time on social media, but her goal on social is professional growth. She primarily logs into LinkedIn, not Facebook or Twitter.
  3. She defines success as work-life balance, so don’t mistake her dedication to her career for lack of involvement with her family.

How should brands reach Susan? Download the full Millennial Mom Digest to learn how Susan prefers to interact with brands and receive recommendations on how to win her loyalty.

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