Ovia Insights 2017 Brand Summit: We Thought, We Innovated, We Set Sail!

We just wrapped up our inaugural Ovia Insights Brand Summit and we’re still buzzing with excitement. The event itself was a hub for sharing best practices around engaging millennial women, re-imagining the ways in which mobile marketing can help brands reach this audience, and exploring new data about an amazing generation of influencers.

A huge thanks to all our customers and future customers who participated in the event!

For those who missed it, here’s a recap:

Kicking Things Off

We kicked things off with an evening of good food and conversation on Wednesday at the Envoy Hotel’s cocktail lounge. Our team at Ovia was excited to meet the partners we talk to every day on the phone in person, and to be introduced to potential partners for the first time. This was a great chance to socialize and also casually “talk shop” and connect around our common goal of improving the lives of women and families.


The Main Event

The Brand Summit formally kicked off the next morning in the beautiful Seaport district of Boston with a breakfast where new and old friends alike could catch up. Our CEO, Paris Wallace started the morning with Ovia’s founding story and some thoughts on the ways Ovia Health works in collaboration with our Insights partners to empower millions of women and families to customize their health care and take charge of their personal journeys through fertility, pregnancy and parenting.


The fun really began with Tamsen Webster’s dynamic opening keynote that crisply navigated through nuanced questions of brand identity, how we make meaning, and why exactly data matters. Tamsen’s charisma and passion are unparalleled; we were thrilled she could play an integral role in the Brand Summit and her words set the tone for the rest of the day. From there, we dipped into several case studies that examined the compelling, creative ways in which Ovia Insights and its partners have collaborated to improve the world for women and families, and our Chief Product Officer and Co-founder, Gina Nebesar, shared a sneak peak of our upcoming product road map.


As the day continued, we kept the energy high as we shared key findings from our Millennial Mom Digest, and proved that “Millennial Mom” is hardly a one-size-fits-all category. We wrapped up the agenda with Justine Jordan’s brilliant (and hilarious) thoughts on email and strategic outreach — and why the term “email blast” might not mean what you think it means.

Sailing and Celebrating

We ended the day on a high note: a private cruise through Boston Harbor where Ovia team members and partners chatted about the future of women’s health, marketing the smart way, and, of course, the beautiful Boston skyline.


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