The Three Building Blocks of Budgeting for a Growing Family

We recently co-hosted a webinar on budgeting for a growing family with our friends from Wealthsimple, an investing platform that combines user-friendly digital tools and personal finance advice to build you a custom portfolio designed to help you achieve your financial goals.

Creating a budget for yourself is not easy. Creating a budget when you have a little one on the way is even harder. Although the process can be tricky, it’s crucial to have a realistic budget that will prepare you and your family for all the expected and sudden costs of having a baby. Having a well organized plan can also take a lot of stress off of your financial planning. In this webinar, we cover:

  • Saving for College: The college savings shortfall—how to budget for growing college costs using 529s
  • Creating and Preparing your Budget: How to review your current budget, prioritize paying off current debts, and prepare a budget based on your lifestyle, as well as creating a budget and managing costs when living on a single income
  • Tax Benefits: Investment and tax benefits you may want to utilize
  • Helpful Tools: Tools you can use for navigating and planning around all of these points
  • How to Talk Finances: When and how to teach your children about finances and budgeting

Dive deep into these subjects and learn how to prepare a budget for your growing family with Ovia Health and Wealthsimple by watching our webinar recording!

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