Meet the Natural Living Millennial Mom

A recent Ovia Insights survey found that not all millennial mothers are the same – they vary in terms of behaviors and desires beyond what we typically think of as a millennial mom.  This means that that brands, companies, and marketers could be missing up to 70% of their target audience!  We would love to introduce you to the variety of millennial moms out there – starting with “Natural Living Natalie.”

Three Things to Know About Natalie

  1. Natalie is a stay-at-home mom living an “unplugged” lifestyle, on social media less frequently than other mothers.
  2. Natalie prefers to communicate in person, using her phone for finding information – rather than sending Tweets.
  3. Natalie is focused on growing her family over building a career. 

How should brands reach Natalie?  Download the full report to learn how Natalie prefers to interact with brands, and get recommendations for the kinds of ads that will engage all types of millennial moms.

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