Celebrating Father’s Day with our Ovia Dads

Happy Father’s Day! To celebrate, we sat down with some of the amazing dads and dads-to-be here at Ovia Health and asked them about their favorite memories with their children. They shared some great stories, spanning from the day they took their babies home from the hospital to the moment some realized that their kids had become adults. Studies of millennial dads show that this generation of working dads is taking on more housework and childcare duties than previous generations. And we’re proud that our Ovia Health dads exemplify this trend. Read on and see for yourself!

Coming home from the hospital is a moment that all of our Ovia dads will never forget – especially the dad who had a run-in with the law right after leaving the hospital with his son!

“Since we did not find out the sex of our first child until delivery, the surprise of finding out it was a boy was incredible. However, as soon as we left the hospital to take my son home for the very first time, my wife and I were pulled over for running through a crosswalk!” Jamie confessed.

“One of the big realizations was how much more relaxed it was at home when we arrived back from the hospital. Everything is in place, there are no more nurses taking tests, random people walking by, etc.,” said Alex.

“I remember the excitement I felt during my wife’s pregnancy, counting down the weeks and coming home for the first time with our new baby,” said Chad. “I also remember the sleep deprivation!”

Routines give our Ovia dads a special time to be with their children – no matter what age their kids are. 

“Since my sons are 22 and 26, I make sure I talk with them at least twice a week. They don’t live at home, so it keeps us connected,” said Rich.

Alex likes to read with his son each night. “I read a book to my son every night before he goes to bed. I prefer longer books we can read for a few weeks or even a month. He really looks forward to this each night and enjoys every minute of it.”

“My kids are half grown (or at least they think they are), so any time they are willing to spend with me is special. Shopping, outings for a meal or coffee – it’s all great,” said Adam.

Our Ovia dads love to teach their kids – and see them learn.

Dustin, a soon-to-be dad, can’t wait to teach his child everything. “I can just picture myself walking around the house saying “and that’s a chair,” “that’s a door,” “this is a dog,” and “that’s a wall.” 

“I love watching my daughter learn new things each and every day,” said Jon. “Whether it’s saying a new word or trying to color, it’s one of the absolute best things about being a dad.”

“I love how excited my kids both get when they learn something new and how they can’t wait to show me. Watching them both learn, grow and develop their own unique personalities has been amazing,” remarked Chad.

Ovia dads are true partners, taking on their fair share of tasks and chores around the house – though we’re sure they will get a break this Sunday!

“I am the morning “bus” driver for my daughter – I am also the cleaner-upper around the house. My family calls me ‘Mr. Neat-Nick!’” said Jamie.  

Jon looks forward to one-on-one time with his daughter. “When my wife works a full day at the hospital, I get the privilege of dropping Meryl off and picking her up from my in-laws’ house, which provides me an opportunity during the otherwise busy workweek to give her a cup of milk, get her ready for bed, and read her a book – or two or ten…”

“I bath my son every night before we read together,” said Alex. “I also drive my son to language and music classes every weekend. One of the rides is about 30 minutes and we talk about all kinds of things each way.”

“I really like to cook, so I usually go to the grocery store and come up with dinner ideas to make for the week,” said Chad.

Something our Ovia dads all had in common? Their fierce love for their children!

“I love watching my kids evolve into their own selves: they ricochet between fierce independence, tentative steps orthogonal to the direction they want to go in, and retreat – but inexorably forward. It’s really fun to watch,” said Adam.

“One of the first things I remember about becoming a dad is how you instantly love your child more than anything else in the world,” said Rich.  

“It is incredible how much you can love another human being,” remarked Jamie.

“What surprised me is how the love grows as the children grow. It’s evolving as we get to know each other better and better,” said Alex.

“Each and every moment I’m with my daughter, she challenges me to be a better dad, a better man, and a better person,” said Jon. “I can only hope at the end of the day she looks up to me the way I see other daughters look up to their dads.”

We’re happy to celebrate all of the great dads in our lives and recognize the tremendous effort they invest both at home and at the office.  Fathers today play a huge role in helping build healthy, thriving families, and we want to make sure that parents have the support and resources they need to make parenting a successful partnership. Join us on this Thursday, June 22 for “The Three Building Blocks of Budgeting for a Growing Family,” a webinar with Ovia Health and Wealthsimple that will walk through everything from how to set an effective and realistic budget to potential investment and tax benefits and the short- and long-term costs of having and growing a family.

Happy Father’s Day!