Introducing the Ovia Insights Brand Summit

As the Marketing Manager for Ovia Insights, planning our inaugural Brand Summit is my top priority — I’m thinking about everything from the keynote speakers to nitty gritty details like the distance between the hotel and the venue. I introduce colleagues, customers, speakers, and vendors to the event on a daily basis. Early on in these conversations, the person on the other end of the line always asks the question, “Sarah, what’s the goal of this event?” And I’m always excited to share the answer: “To nurture a community of industry thought leaders.”

This goal crystallized early on in my tenure at Ovia Health, when our Chief of Product invited me to join her on a customer feedback call. When she asked how we could improve his experience with Ovia Insights, our life-stage marketing and native advertising platform, the customer turned the question around on us. “I’d actually love to hear how other companies you work with are advertising to millennial women,” he said. “How are they dealing with the pain points I’m experiencing?” Since that call, I’ve heard this sentiment echoed again and again, and it’s become my mission to connect our customers to each other, starting with the Brand Summit.

At Ovia Health, we’ve seen how powerful these peer-to-peer connections can be through our user community. Millions of millennial women are constantly engaged in conversation with one another through our in-app community forum, and these conversations are so valuable and dynamic that they often spill over onto our other digital properties like social media and our blogs. The learnings these women share with one another personalize and provide context for the medical research and scientific data we provide through the Ovia app family.

The Brand Summit is a unique opportunity to ignite a similarly powerful dialogue among our customers. The busy marketing and advertising executives who connect millennial women to the products and services designed to support them rarely, if ever, have the time and space to meet face to face and share their stories. We’re truly excited to put these thought leaders in the same room, along with industry experts who will offer up best practices for engaging millennial women, explain the latest and greatest in mobile marketing strategy, and share key data points about this generation of influencers.

As we get closer to the event, I’ll share more on the blog about our agenda and strategies for community building at the Brand Summit.

If you’re interested in attending but are not yet registered, please email me to discuss!

I can’t wait to see you there!

Sarah Natoli
Insights Marketing Manager