Happy Mother’s Day!

Motherhood is different for everyone. For some, navigating fertility to finally arrive at a positive pregnancy test is the first (triumphant!) moment in a wondrous, chaotic, and transcendent journey into motherhood. For others, that moment arrives when you receive the news that your baby’s adoption has been finalized or find out that your surrogate’s pregnancy test has come back positive.

Whenever or wherever that wonderful moment of motherhood comes, we’d like to celebrate with you. Here at Ovia Health, we want to take time on this Mother’s Day to honor all of the beautiful, diverse mothers we know and love.

So here’s to you, the ever-evolving, learning, loving mom! As soon as your baby is born, you know that the only constant from then on will be change. You go on a wild adventure that involves too little sleep and almost too much joy. You learn new things about yourself, your child, and your life. You co-sleep or stay tuned to your baby monitor, shake up formula or nurse on a park bench, hire a nanny or stay home full-time — every family looks different. We’re celebrating every single one because every mom creates her own totally unique, perfect, magical life for her little one.

As part of our celebration, we want to highlight the work of a few moms who are committed to building great lives for their children while working on products and projects to support other moms. Check out our video series to learn more, and Happy Mother’s Day to you and all the lovely moms in your life!