Mother’s Day Interview: Shazi Visram

We’re celebrating Mother’s Day at Ovia Health all month long! As part of our celebration, we want to highlight the work of a few moms who are committed to building great lives for their children while working on products and projects to support other moms.

Meet Shazi Visram, Founder and CEO of Happy Family Brands. Shazi takes great pride in her work managing and growing a brand that focuses on “children’s health and happiness.” In fact, if you ask her, she “has the best job in the whole world” because it allows her to “be a force for good.” Mother’s Day resonates with both her personal and professional life; not only is she the proud mother to two beautiful children, but her company launched eleven years ago on Mother’s Day.

As a working mother, she takes time this Mother’s Day to reflect on the elusive balance between work and family, the role Happy Family plays in helping other families thrive, and the powerful parenting model her own mother showed her.