Today Ovia Media Becomes Ovia Insights!

To our valued customers and friends,

Since founding Ovia Health five years ago, we have been working toward the shared goal of empowering women to take control of their health and start families with confidence. Millions of users from across the globe have now tracked their fertility, pregnancy, and parenting journeys on the Ovia apps. They’ve come to see us as a trusted advisor, because we offer the guidance and support they need to make critical life decisions.

Just as our user relationships have deepened, so have our relationships with you—our retail, brand, and agency customers. Together we’ve rallied around the common passion point of women’s health, partnering to connect with millennial women in new and exciting ways.

In celebration of the strength of these relationships and our commitment to working with you, we’ve chosen a new name for our life stage technology and marketing brand, Ovia Media. As of today, Ovia Media is now Ovia Insights!

Deeper Relationships with Our Ovia Users

Our new name better reflects the scope of our relationships with the millennial women who use our apps. In addition to supporting them through their fertility and pregnancy journeys, we now guide users through many more life stages and major events — from before they even try to conceive to long after they become parents.  

Renewed Commitment to Our Customers

The name Ovia Insights also represents the new and expanded relationships we’re developing with you, our customers. We’re truly inspired by the brands, retailers, and agencies who share our goal of keeping millennial women healthy throughout their lives, and we can’t wait to explore new ways to work together. With our unique understanding of the Ovia audience, our expertise, and, yes, our insights, the Ovia Insights team knows how to help you engage with millennial women and communicate the value of your products and services to them.

New and Expanded Offerings  

That brings us to our expanded offerings! We’ve created new and innovative marketing solutions that you can use to educate and inspire our millions of users. And we’re also thrilled to announce an expanded product suite. Ovia Insights now offers market research, clinical trial recruitment, and on-demand polling that combines real-time, actionable data with our audience’s unique attitudes, opinions, and behaviors.

With Ovia Insights, we are bringing together our team’s talent, knowledge, and top-ranked mobile apps to create engaging content and experiences for you. Together we can make a huge positive impact on the lives of the women and families who make up our Ovia community.

Please reach out to us if you have any questions, we’d love to hear from you.

Jason Allen
VP, Ovia Insights