4 Ways To Build Lasting Customer Loyalty with Millennial Moms

Keeping your customers happy (and coming back for more) is a smart investment because it generally costs a lot more to attract a new customer than it does to retain an existing one. Because millennial moms are a newer market segment, creating and sustaining customer loyalty requires some fresh ideas; here are a few strategies for building customer loyalty with millennial moms.

Make purchases the path of least resistance

You can build customer loyalty by making your brand/product the easy choice. Helping your customers navigate a crowded market space makes your brand valuable by showing moms you appreciate how tough it can be to find that one “right” item; it also gives you an opportunity to demonstrate the ways in which your product or brand outshines  the competition.

Amazon and diapers.com have nailed this process by showing customers images of recent purchases as soon as they log in—and offering a single-click option to repurchase that item. Smaller retailers employ tactics such as offering templates that compare their offerings against one another or by inviting customers to answer a few quick questions that help recommend a specific product. Baby Jogger has incorporated this idea into their website seamlessly, allowing visitors to make real time comparisons between all of their products, gently guiding customers, new and old, to find the product within the Baby Jogger brand that suits their needs. Make it easy to buy into your brand, and moms can’t help but come back for more.

Give moms extra credit for something they’re already doing

Loyalty and rewards programs are a powerful way to build long-term customer relationships with millennial moms. Build an easy-to-follow rewards structure that allows dollars or visits to accumulate and let moms get something that’s attractive to them (e.g., dollars back on purchases or, better yet, items that aren’t on their “have to buy for the kids” list). By giving moms a reward or “treat” for buying items they already buy, you’re rewarding them and creating a feel good connection with your brand. . By implementing a successful rewards program, you’re taking the first — and significant — step toward a long-term relationship.

Be transparent

For the purposes of building loyalty, it’s no longer enough for moms to trust the quality of your brand or product; moms want to trust the people creating the product, too. Whenever possible, create opportunities to educate your millennial consumers about the careful thought that went into (and continues to go into) making your product a great option for them. Dockatot practices this type of open communication effectively; their website is full of easy-to-digest information about both their creation and upcoming developments. When millennial moms learn about how much effort you invest into developing a quality product tailored to them, their loyalty can follow naturally. Committing to a product is easy when moms know real, thoughtful people created it with them in mind.

Treat millennial moms the way they want to be treated

Have you heard of the Platinum Rule? Unlike the Golden Rule, which says we should treat others the way we want to be treated, the Platinum Rule takes customer service to the next level. The Platinum Rule says we should treat people the way they want to be treated. In terms of marketing to millennial moms, this means respecting their preferences for communication.Consider surveying your customers to determine if social media, email or live conversations top their list and find out what they consider to be optimum customer service. By using the Platinum Rule to drive customer relations, you’re giving millennial moms what they truly want—and every reason they need to commit to you.

Customer retention is a cost-efficient and savvy business practice. Keep your millennial moms happy, and they’ll keep coming back for more. Their loyalty could be the asset you need to build brand credibility and set off ripples to keep your customer base growing.

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This post was written by Ovia Health’s contributing author, Emily Madden.