Happy National Employee Benefits Day!

April 3rd marks the 13th Annual Employee Benefits Day! It’s a holiday to celebrate the amazing people who work on employee benefits, nationwide. On this day, we salute the professionals who work hard to give us a great portfolio of benefits. From healthcare to transportation subsidies to better snacks at the office, we are grateful for their thoughtfulness and dedication.

The most forward thinking benefits teams know that if you’re trying to hire or retain talented employees, you can use benefits to differentiate yourself. Millennials now make up the largest category of people in the civilian labor force, and according to Inc, they care about benefits more than most. So you’re trying to hire or retain talent at your company, don’t overlook the power of a great benefits package. They matter more than you think.


Here are some ideas for great benefits you may not have know about. These benefits make your employee’s lives easier, and they may save your company money in the process.