Ovia Health and Jiff: How Digital Partnerships Are Improving Health Outcomes

Starting a family is one of the most life-changing decisions a woman, couple, or family can make. On top of the emotional and financial responsibilities that come with having a baby, the medical involvement is also an important factor. Childbirth is one of the most significant medical experiences a woman can go through, especially if it’s her first time interacting with the healthcare system. Through technology and support from her employer, a woman can be better equipped to have a healthier pregnancy.

Fertility and maternity benefits are an important factor for women when they’re seeking job opportunities. On the flip side, employers are looking for innovative, comprehensive solutions to offer their employees to not only recruit and retain top talent, but to improve outcomes and lower costs of fertility and maternity care. Excellent fertility and maternity programs can help women start families with confidence and provide educational and technological resources to ensure healthier conception and pregnancy.

Childbirth accounts for the majority of U.S. hospitalizations for women with employer-sponsored healthcare. In addition to the physical, emotional, and productivity costs of these hospitalizations, the medical costs add up for both the employer and the employee. In this age of the digital health revolution, significant improvements are being made in technology and transparency to allow for better care for pregnant women and new mothers.

Employers are vital in affecting change in this digital health revolution. By providing robust programs and resources for your employees, you’re not only allowing them to take control of their health, but you’re ultimately saving money for both your organization and your employees.

Our mission at Ovia Health is to help you do just that. We empower people to take control of their healthcare and start families with confidence. Ovia Health helps employees monitor their reproductive health, conceive faster, and have healthier, happier pregnancies. We’ve partnered with Jiff, the innovative benefits platform that curates your benefits for your employees and incentivizes each employee to use the solutions that will create the most value. With Ovia Health and Jiff, employers can provide employees with the personalized resources they need while assuring their employees’ family planning decisions are kept private and safe.

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Through Jiff’s platform, employers can offer Ovia Health to their employees and their spouses. Ovia Health helps them conceive naturally and track their pregnancies with personalized resources and benefits information, resulting in happier, healthier pregnancies and lower fertility and maternity costs.

To learn more about how Ovia Health combined with Jiff can engage your employees and improve your benefits program offerings, check out our case study with Activision Blizzard.

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