Building Moms’ Brand Awareness Through Mobile Advertising

Millennial moms have strong purchasing power in their households. When they love a brand, millennial moms let the world know it: they show off their favorite products publicly and enthusiastically. They like to feature their beloved brands on social media and recommend the best ones to their friends and family. They are always on the go, so they spend a lot of time on mobile.

Because moms are spending so much time on their phones, mobile advertising is the perfect opportunity for brands to meet them where they are. How can you build millennial moms’ brand awareness through mobile advertising?

Identify motivators

What is the incentive for a mom to check out your brand? Why should she take the time to learn what you have to offer? Ask yourself questions like these as you conceptualize your mobile advertising campaigns and strategy. Maybe there’s an incentive you can offer to introduce her to your brand. Sixty percent of mothers are purchasing through mobile, and offering an incentive on a mobile platform can help build their interest in and awareness of your brand. Once she tries your product or service and falls in love with it, that original incentive will have developed into a lifetime of brand loyalty. Incentives can include giveaways, coupons, promotions, or even bonus content related to your product or offering.

Look good

Millennial moms expect beautiful aesthetics and eye-catching designs, emulating their curated Instagram and Pinterest feeds. Draw moms to your brand with modern and relevant design. Due to the limited screen space on mobile, your mobile ads will also need to be clear and simple. Ensure that your ads are optimized for mobile, making your audience’s experience easy on the eyes. The eyes are the windows to the wallet, right?

Diversify channels

Diversify your advertising efforts. If you’re advertising in print magazines or through banner ads on desktop, think about moving into mobile. Millennial moms are consistently on their mobile phones, and you need to be where they already are. Consider both niche mobile apps and mobile apps with universal appeal. Because millennial moms spend an average of 8 hours on social media daily, social apps are a good place to be. For a more targeted audience (like millennial moms!), consider lifestage apps like Ovia Pregnancy. You want as many touch points as possible with your audience.

Partner up

Consider developing partnerships with complementary products, services, or influencers on mobile that reach the same target audience. These mobile partnerships can leverage both of your audiences, allowing you to get your brand in front of moms you might not have reached on your own. Mobile partnerships can take the form of in-app content swaps, joint mobile app advertising, joint giveaways, and digital events hosted on mobile platforms.

With the rapid increase of mobile usage among millennial moms, brands should be utilizing mobile advertising strategies to build brand awareness. Understand where your audience exists on mobile, and deliver your message in a clear and beautiful way to maximize your efforts.

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