How Brands Can Win the Loyalty of Millennial Moms

Consumers find products through a variety of methods. Some buy certain brands and products because that’s what their mothers bought. Others seek out the opportunity to try new brands they learn about from ads or through word of mouth. Getting these customers through either avenue is great, but keeping them is a different story, especially when it comes to millennial moms. Whether you have legacy customers or newbies, how do you keep the new generation of moms keep coming back?


Millennial moms love a personalized experience — and they’re used to it. When she logs into Netflix, she receives a curated list of television shows and movies she might like based off her viewing behavior. It’s making her life easier and her experience incredibly customized. When she logs into the Starbucks app to place her mobile order, previous orders pre-populate, once again making the experience easier and customized. If you can personalize your product, service, or experience to her needs, she’s more likely to become a repeat customer.


The subscription model is disrupting every industry, from media to diapers to retail. Netflix disrupted Blockbuster, The Honest Company diaper subscription disrupted traditional in-store diaper buying, and Birchbox disrupted makeup counters everywhere. The millennial mom is getting all of her essentials (and a few non-essentials) routinely shipped to her home without her having to think about it. Ultimately, consumers like convenience, and subscription boils down to convenience. Explore the possibility of a subscription model or even a partial subscription option.


Millennial moms are savvy — they know when they want to splurge and when they want to save a couple bucks. When it comes to baby, they’re going to ensure that quality is high. Strollers, car seats, and safety-related baby items are going to be thoroughly vetted and checked for quality and safety ratings. Millennial moms are also looking for quality in disposable and lower-ticket items like diapers and bottles. By providing ingredient and production information on your websites, labels, and marketing materials, you’re showing your customers that you’re proud of the quality of your products and brand.

Social responsibility

Millennial moms care about the world they live in — the earth, its resources, and its people. According to a study done by Cone Communications, 91% of millennials would switch brands to one associated with a cause. If you can share that mission with them, whether you’re an eco-friendly cleaning brand or you donate a percentage of your proceeds to an aligned nonprofit, let your customers know! Be loud and transparent about the good you’re doing because millennials care.

Loyalty programs

According to the Bond Brand Loyalty 2015 Report, 68% of millennials say they wouldn’t be loyal to a brand that doesn’t offer a good loyalty program. The report also included that 86% of respondents said loyalty programs are definitely worth the effort on their part. If you’re a diaper company that offers rewards per bundle of diapers ordered through your loyalty program, your millennial moms may be more likely to skip picking up diapers while grocery shopping to reap the benefits of ordering through you.


Take a page out of your college psychology textbook on this one. Remember the exposure effect? In social psychology, it’s the principle that people feel a preference towards people or things that they’re exposed to a lot. Be where your millennials moms are — advertise in the apps they’re using, open stores in the communities they live in, and get excited about the things they’re excited about on social media. etc.

You know that creating lifelong customers and brand loyalty starts with having a fantastic product or service. From there, you just need to adopt these methodologies as they work best for your brand to help strengthen your relationships with millennial moms. There will obviously be variations in the secret formula for brand loyalty for different brands, and that should actually be an essential part of your loyalty strategy. Treat your millennial moms as if they’re exactly that: your millennial moms. Customize your content, target your advertising, and give millennial moms a reason to be loyal and tell their friends about your brand.

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