9 Things Pregnant Women Want Their Partners to Know

Every pregnancy is different, and even couples going through their second or third pregnancies will continue to learn new things about one another. Understanding what your partner is going through during this time will help you become more aware of her needs and allow you and your family to build a strong, unified support system for your partner.

1. Know that she will be uncomfortable

She might want to talk about it all the time because it will be happening all the time. Her belly is growing, her breasts are tender, and she will experience symptoms like nausea and exhaustion. Be understanding and supportive — her body is the one changing. Find ways to help her be as comfortable as possible.

2. Her hormone levels will be changing constantly

Hormones are a roller coaster of their own, and she is not able to control them. They may cause her to have mood swings, to feel happy, sad, upset, or just sensitive. Just be patient, and help her ride them out.

3. Educate yourself and know the birth plan

Read the baby books, check out the articles in the Ovia Pregnancy App, and get informed on what is going on with your partner and how she may be feeling. She needs you to know the birth plan, understand it, and help her advocate for it with the health professionals when the time comes.

4. Understand her fears

Because every pregnancy is different, every mom-to-be has different fears and concerns about her pregnancy. She may feel the weight of the world on her shoulders, and it’s your job to make sure she feels supported. Help her understand that she is not alone and that you are in this with her. Reassure her that things will change, but that you will develop a new normal together.


5. She may worry about sex

She might have a lower desire for sex because of hormone fluctuations and changes in her body. On the other hand, she might have a higher sex drive than usual because of them. Keep your communication about sex open and honest; it will benefit both of you.

6. Go to the doctor appointments

Being with her at appointments with her healthcare provider not only physically shows your support, but it’s also an opportunity for you to learn firsthand about her pregnancy and ask the doctor, nurse, or midwife your own questions.

7. Don’t be offended when she chooses a pillow over you

Her sleeping habits could change drastically during pregnancy. She might need many more hours of sleep, and she might be uncomfortable and need to snuggle a body pillow to relieve the stress on her back and provide support for her belly.

8. Be calm

There are many emotional stages for a couple to go through during pregnancy — it can be a highly emotional experience, and she needs you to be the calm one.

9. She can’t wait to see you as a parent

Remember that she loves you and appreciates your support more than you know. She can’t wait to start your new family together and see you as a parent with your soon-to-be bundle of joy.

Hopefully these nuggets can help give you more insight into what your partner may be thinking or feeling and help you find the best way to be supportive through her pregnancy.