Roundup! Must-haves for your winter baby

If you just had a baby this winter, congratulations! It might be overwhelming to think of ways to keep your baby as safe and warm as they were in the womb, so we put together this winter essentials roundup for you. Check out our top must-haves for your winter baby!

Basic snow gear

This means hats, mittens, socks/booties, and layers! We all lose heat quickly through our fingers and toes, so babies are extra sensitive to this. Keeping their heads, hands, and feet covered will help keep warmth in. Layers are useful when getting in and out of the car and other destinations where heat can be variable.

One-piece snowsuit

These come in super handy if you live in or are visiting very cold climates! There are a variety of brands and options to chose from that will keep your little one warm. Just remember to remove the snowsuit in a car seat — the fewer layers a baby has in a car seat, the safer they are.

Covers and liners

Stroller covers help protect against wind, rain, and snow and are helpful if you plan to get out for some winter walks with your little one. Covers and liners are also a great way to help keep your baby cozy in their car seat. Covers that go over car seat straps are the best way to stay safe. Having a few extra blankets around also helps in a pinch!

Footed onesies or wearable blankets

Wearable blankets, or sleep sacks, are great wintertime accessories because they keep your baby warm and are safe to sleep in, as opposed to blankets. Footed onesies or pajamas are also good options because they keep feet warm and keep you from searching for lost socks that fall off in the night.


The heating systems inside the home can make the air even drier in the winter, so a humidifier can be beneficial for the whole family. You can put a small humidifier in your nursery to create moisture in the air. The humming noise it makes might even help lull your little one to sleep! If you’re looking for more moisture, you might use a fragrance-free moisturizer for your baby’s sensitive skin.

Home & car emergency kits

Emergency kits can contain a variety of helpful items, and you can even create your own to match your family’s individual needs. Some generally helpful items to include are emergency phone numbers, thermometer, bandages, antibiotic ointment, alcohol wipes, flashlight, phone charger, batteries, tweezers, sunscreen, bug spray, gauze, cotton swabs, instant ice pack, blanket, and a water bottle. If you start putting one together, you’ll likely think of a few more things to add.

Just like treating the roads before a winter storm, preparation is key when you have a winter baby! We hope this list helps you identify some key must-have items to welcome home your little one.