6 Attributes Millennial Moms Are Looking For in Brands

What’s the trick to getting millennial moms to love your brand? Surprise! There isn’t one. Millennial moms want from brands what they want from their friends, partners, and co-workers: transparency, understanding, and responsibility. Goldman Sachs’ 2015 report on millennial parents has data on the key attributes millennial moms look for when they’re choosing a brand.

1. Transparency

When it comes to food, millennial moms are looking for transparency from brands. What’s in your product? Why is it there? Who made it? When it comes to retail, they’re looking for a different kind of honesty: price transparency. Moms want the best for their children, but they also want good value. If moms feel like they know your brand and that you’re sharing information with openly them, they’ll be more interested in learning more.

2. Shared values

Knowing the motivations and values of millennials is the first step toward understanding them as parents. Millennials appreciate innovation, and they enjoy sharing their lives through social media. They want to live healthy lifestyles, eat fresh food, and get their essentials delivered right to their homes (via next-day shipping, if possible). Demonstrate to millennial moms that your brand cares about their health, wants to be a part of their personal journeys, and can accommodate them with cool new technology and without sacrificing convenience and customer service.

3. Social media savvy

Does your brand have an authentic presence on social media? If you’re just trying to blend into the platform by using buzz words and hashtags (this new diaper is on #fleek), millennial moms can see right through it. About 38% of millennials use social media to communicate to others about a brand, product or service, compared to 11% of baby boomers. Social media comes naturally to today’s moms, and they want to interact with brands with a good social media presence. The good news here is that your customers and potential customers are already on social media — all you have to do is interact with them in a way that is authentic and natural to your brand.

4. Parent recommendations

This is the attribute millennial moms most closely share with Gen-X moms, and it makes sense. All parents want the best for their children, and who could understand that better than other parents? One way to capitalize on this would be to make your products available for free or at a discount in exchange for honest reviews. You can also collect testimonials from parents about why they love your product and why other moms might as well. And you should share it…where? On social media! See, you’re getting the hang of this.

5. Real-time customer service

Because many millennials grew up as digital natives, they’re used to getting relatively immediate feedback. They had some experience of busy phone lines and dial-up Internet, but they’re now accustomed to instant messaging, read receipts, video chat, etc. Many millennials will take their complaints straight to social media, bypassing more private routes like email. You should be ready on the other end with real-time customer service and active Twitter and Facebook support.

6. Social responsibility

Many brands that appeal to millennial moms do so because they have a story behind them, be it a social cause or an interesting origin story. Popular examples include TOMS shoes and Warby Parker, which both donate a product to an individual in need when a customer purchases one. If your brand has an interesting story, let your millennial customers know about it! If you share it through social media in a transparent, understanding, value-driven way, you’re well on your way to millennial mom nirvana.

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