6 Valentine’s Day Date Night Ideas with Baby

Your sitter just cancelled last minute, your in-laws already watched the baby twice this week, and now you’re all together on Valentine’s Day. How can you have a sweet little Valentine’s Day with your partner and your little one? Here are some last minute ideas to help you get creative!

  1. Family night at home: Leave the chores and forget the cooking! Take tonight to order special takeout (with dessert!), find a movie on Netflix, and let yourself have some last-minute downtime as a family to relax.   
  2. Good night baby: Once baby is down for the night, open a bottle of wine, light some candles, put on some music, and make your own romantic dinner at home. Turn off the TV, and turn up the ambiance! It’s a great opportunity to reconnect with your partner in the comfort of your own home. If old-school romance isn’t your style, use this time to do a fun activity you and your partner haven’t done in a while, like game night or cooking dinner together.
  3. Bring baby along: If baby does well in restaurants, find a restaurant or cafe nearby that the three of you can enjoy together for a family dinner! Dress up if you want, and toast to family Valentine’s Day, spending this very special time together.   
  4. Take a scenic drive: If baby likes spending time in the car, take a drive along a scenic route. Play some nice music in the car, and take the opportunity to reconnect without having to rush somewhere.
  5. Get in the holiday spirit: Get crafty and make some cute Valentine’s Day Cards for each other at the kitchen table. If you’re really creative, decorate the house with festive DIY decorations and leave them up for the week. Bake cookies together, or check out these Valentine’s Day dessert recipes to make together.
  6. Take a walk: If the weather is nice, take a family stroll. You could check out a park or do some downtown window shopping. Maybe you can even walk to the nearest ice cream shop! You’ll get some healthy exercise and the chance to talk about the things that you don’t usually get to in the hustle and bustle of daily life.