5 Effective Ways to Share Your Benefits with Employees

You’ve done your due diligence. You’ve assessed your current benefits programs, you’ve researched and vetted new ones, and you’ve put together a rigorous benefits package for your employees. You’re supporting their mental, financial, and physical wellbeing, and you’re playing a crucial role in the company. Now what? Share, share, share! Aside from shouting from the rooftops, how are you going to tell all of your employees about these amazing benefits? Here are five effective channels:


Mobile is the way of the future (and the now). According to Pew Research, 72% of American adults own a smartphone. That number jumps to an astounding 92% when specifically looking at the 18-34 age group. If you’re innovative, your company may even have an HR app of your own, or you may already be utilizing benefits apps. Your employees are using their smartphones and apps every single day and are comfortable receiving information this way. Bolster engagement and comprehension by providing benefits that are mobile-friendly.


Gamify your benefits. How addictive was Candy Crush? How fun was Trivia Crack? With the aforementioned ubiquitous use of mobile, find a way to gamify your benefits so employees can learn about their benefits while enjoying themselves. Whether they’re engaging with your benefits in a custom-built mobile app or a website, employees are more likely to have fun and absorb the information. There’s even evidence that suggests games improve memory recall, which is great for getting to employees to remember (and use) your benefits when they actually need them. You could also take the gamified version of your apps to the physical space — have a scavenger hunt! Host the scavenger hunt around the office or in a creative venue (parks are free!). Adults like to have fun too.


People like free stuff. If possible for your organization, incentivize your employees to use their benefits, log their data, and engage with the programs you’re paying for. Offer company swag from trade shows or events if you’re on a tight budget. Giving your employees a little something to get them engaged with the benefits you’ve spent time, effort, and money on is well worth it in the long run.

Physical reminders

Flyers and posters, if done correctly, are a great way to educate and inform in the spaces where your employees are. Create beautiful, engaging digital posters, brochures, and postcards for common spaces such as break rooms or company television screens. Make it interesting! Ask yourself, “Would I be interested in this? Did I learn something by reading this?” Think about the best and most necessary benefits you offer your employees and then highlight them. Be clear when you’re directing your employees to learn more or sign up — if you’ve done a good job, they’ll be typing your designated URL or jotting it down.

Benefits fair

Even in the age of digital communication, people enjoy other people. Host a benefits fair in your office (or rent a cool space!) and invite your benefits companies to host booths. Your benefits representatives are jazzed and educated about their offerings — let that energy and knowledge excite and educate your employees. If one of your employees talks to an educated, charismatic woman from Ovia Health about her fertility and maternity benefits options, she’s going to remember that conversation when she decides to start trying for a family. These meaningful interactions can boost understanding and engagement of the benefits you’re already paying for.

Ultimately, finding the right mix of traditional and innovative ways to share your benefits is going to be up to you. Create a lasting impression about the benefits you’re offering, so your employees know what’s available to them when they need them. Provide multiple languages if needed, use digital options, and have representation in your physical spaces. Have fun with disseminating your benefits, but remember the end goal is that your employees use and understand their benefits.