7 Hottest Trends for Parents in 2017

New year, new trends! So what’s all the buzz about for 2017? These new parenting trends are what new parents and mothers-to-be are all about this year. From new and revamped parenting styles, to longer, more paid and competitive maternity leave, these trends are on the rise and going strong! Check out this list to see what everyone’s talking about.

  1. “Let the kids be kids” parenting — A stark contrast to the “helicopter parenting ” trend, this laissez-faire style of parenting is simply that, letting kids be kids for as long as possible.
  2. Momtogs — Many moms are fast approaching semi-professional photographer levels, or at least they seem to be as they document their babies growing through childhood stages. Some of our favorites are Julianna Woehrle, Elizabeth Veth, and Chelsea Mitchell.
  3. Natural nurseries — You might have read about nursery feng shui and natural hues, but actual “nature-based” nursery themes are in for this year! From forest to variations of greenery and woodlands, these nature-inspired nurseries create a lush backdrop for little ones’ peaceful dreams.
  4. Classic literary baby names — Baby names can be really fun to track, and it looks like classics and vintage styles names are on the rise for 2017. Think back to your favorite novels, both author and character names; quintessential and strong (like Edith, Ophelia, Eleanor, Sawyer, Violet, and Orlando to name a few).Being mom is balancing between home and company
  5. Maternity and parental leave policies — These policies are improving as time goes on, but it looks like even more companies will continue this trend in 2017! We will see larger strides in making parental leave more inclusive, longer, and supportive through the early months.
  6. The multilingual home — Parents are making learning another language part of their family activities, and searching for nannies and programs to help integrate this into daily life.
  7. Taking back postpartum — Postpartum depression has always existed, but now moms are talking about their experiences with postpartum depression much more openly and getting more of the help and support that they need.