5 Trends That Should Guide Your Millennial Mom Marketing Strategy


We all know that millennials have immense buying power. Millennials spend $600 billion annually and are projected to spend $1.4 trillion in 2020. That’s right, TRILLION — with a “t”. As marketers and advertisers, we’re all vying for their attention and trying to figure out the secret formula for success. Millennial moms are different parents than their moms or grandmothers were — they’re not helicopter moms, but they’re not “children should be seen not heard” moms either. By understanding how millennial moms think, analyze, and behave, you’ll be able to better guide your marketing strategy and find success in your messaging.

They’re social

Millennial moms are social. They’re Instagramming their napping babies and sharing photos of their matching “Mama bird” and “Baby bird” t-shirts on Facebook. Although millennial moms use social to share a slice of their life with their audiences, they’re also using social media to become better parents. A report by Crowdtap found that 37% of dads and almost 50% of moms use social once a day for parenting purposes. Social media is evolving to become more of a community, especially for expectant and new parents.

They’re on multiple devices

Millennial moms integrate their lives seamlessly with technology. A newly pregnant millennial tracks her pregnancy on her iPhone and syncs her smartwatch to make sure she’s getting enough exercise. A millennial mom of a two-year-old opens her email on her laptop during her son’s morning nap and continues the same email that afternoon on her mobile phone while waiting at the doctor’s office. Millennial moms expect experiences to sync across devices for maximum convenience.

They’re in need of direction

First-time moms of any generation seek guidance for this exciting time in their lives. What should I be eating while pregnant? What’s labor like? Previous generations have asked family and friends, consulted their OBGYNs, and read books. However, millennial moms have all of these methods and thousands more. Millennial moms have an overwhelming fountain of knowledge thanks to the Internet — blogs, websites, apps, social media. Targeted advertising is key at this point in a millennial mom’s life; she needs help but also needs some chaos maintenance. Relevant, targeted ads help her find an affordable adorable diaper without the overwhelming chaos of a Google search.

They’re multitasking

While multitasking is generally considered to be a myth, some research suggests that millennials are actually retraining their brains to process information faster and make multitasking easier. True multitasking might still be impossible, but millennials are achieving a form of multitasking. As millennial moms watch television, they will be scrolling through their Instagram feed. While they cook dinner, they’re listening to an audiobook. While shopping in stores, they’re using their mobile phone to search for competitive pricing. What does this mean for you? Your messaging needs to be direct. Millennials are going to be attempting three other things while they read, hear, or watch your message, so make sure you’re direct and targeted.

They want to be good parents

Millennials are similar to previous generations in that they value family. When asked to rate how important a series of life goals were to them personally, being a good parent ranked at the top of the list for millennials.  While this generation may be touted as self-centered or technology-obsessed, the research shows their families and future families are incredibly important to them. By finding ways to help them be the best parents they can be, you’ll find a place in their lives.