Introducing Maternity Matters

Not only is the landscape of the workplace changing, but parenthood is changing along with it. Women are focusing on their careers and having children later in life. Men are using paternity leave and taking on more childrearing responsibilities. The current offerings for working parents are no longer enough (and really, they’ve never been enough). To be a successful, forward-thinking company that is attractive to potential millennial employees, competitive maternity leave and benefits are now a must.

At Ovia Health, we’re on the forefront of maternity benefits. We’re working every day to help families get pregnant, sustain healthy pregnancies, and feel educated and empowered as they step into parenthood. We also believe that adequate, equitable parental leave and benefits is a movement all employers have a responsibility to take part in.

We invite you to join us on this mission.

Imagine one of your employees fulfilling her dream of becoming a mother. She’s midway through her career, but she feels confident in choosing to start a family because she feels completely supported by you. She takes a rewarding maternity leave and ultimately returns to your company feeling happy, healthy, and ready to get back to work. When her familial and career goals align, she’s her best self. You want to make this a reality for your employees, because this employee is going to be your best employee.

We’re launching our Maternity Matters series to discuss everything from family leave policies to breastfeeding support programs to how to attract, engage, and retain top talent. We’ll be sending out our monthly Maternity Matters newsletter and hosting quarterly Maternity Matters webinars. Subscribe to our email list to stay in the loop!