Feng shui your nursery for the new year

As we head into a new year and get a fresh start on our calendars, schedules, and maybe a little spring cleaning, consider using feng shui to give your nursery or kids room some good energy. The purpose of feng shui is to create harmony in your environment. The idea is that seeing a physical harmony of objects, furniture, and color around you will create harmony within you.

In the nursery, feng shui should encourage peace, calm and tranquility. Using some of these practices can help you change up your nursery and create a peaceful space for your little ones.

Bed positioning

Basic feng shui encourages placement of the crib far away from the door while staying in view of it. If you can get the bed on the wall opposite the door, that is ideal. Once the crib is along the wall, try to move it away from any direct electrical outlets so there are fewer electrical appliances close to the crib. Less stimulation and distraction will encourage more restful and undisturbed sleep.  


Having multiple sources of lighting to provide variations in the daytime and evening will create balance in the space. For example, the main lighting source (or natural light) in the room could be used for daytime lighting, while a couple of soft light lamps on either side of the room could be used for nighttime.

Color scheme

Softer, muted, and natural colors provide for a more calm and relaxed feeling in a nursery. For example, greens, beiges, and pastels encourage restfulness and peace, which is perfect for a bedtime space (in contrast to bright and vivid colors for play/creative spaces). Trending nursery color palettes include neutrals such as greys, whites, and natural wood. You can paint the walls in soft hues and add artwork or furniture pieces in similar tones as your little one grows up and the room evolves.  

Fresh airflow & scents

Flow, or chi, is very important in feng shui. This means having space for energy to flow throughout a room without any physical obstruction. One way to ensure good chi is to have a fresh airflow in the space. You can do this by keeping a window open from time to time when baby isn’t in the room or by opening a window outside the room to create airflow across the hall. Fresh scents also inspire chi. You can also use natural, calming essential oils such as chamomile or lavender to create a relaxed scent in the room.

Material and furniture

Choose wooden or natural materials for the the nursery furniture whenever possible. Rounded cribs, dressers and changing tables with fewer harsh edges promote a feeling of calm, and also allow energy to flow easier around the space (as opposed to sharp, square edges which break up the flow). If you have square pieces of furniture, you can contrast the harsh edges by draping soft fabrics and pillows to soften them.

With these feng shui tips, your nursery or kid’s room can become a place of calming energy where your little one can rest easy and dream big.