Winter fun for the whole family

Winter blues got you down? This season can make us all a little crazy, especially if we’re in colder weather areas and feel a bit stuck inside. These ideas will encourage quality time with the whole family and keep everyone entertained for those long winter days.

Get to know your neighborhood

There may be some winter events in your neighborhood, town, or nearby places. Do some research, get some events on the calendar, and bring the whole family! Depending on where you live, you may find various holiday-centered events, film festivals, special days at museums, winter festivals, indoor markets, library events, and more.

Get in on the winter activities

Yes, it may be cold outside… but why not embrace it? Remember what you used to do as a kid? You bundled up and took on winter, full force! Remind your family about old school winter fun. Get the kids in their winter gear, and go on a winter hike. Go ice skating, sledding, snow tubing, skiing, or build a snowman! Even if just for a short period of time, everyone will appreciate getting outside and shaking up the day’s activities. Follow winter activities with a hearty soup or hot chocolate to warm everyone up.

Get crafty

When you do stay in, these are perfect days to get creative with arts and crafts. If you’re into indoor arts & crafting fun for the family try crafts around the house, science & learning activities, winter-themed, and edible crafts. Encourage your family to get inspired, and explore making household items into an experience that will be fun and memorable!

Get your cooking skills on

The kitchen is an integral part of family time spent together. You can make themed dinners, teach the kids baking skills, and spend quality time together making foods you all love. Baking is an especially great activity with kids age 2 and up because they can help mix ingredients in bowls, learn to wash fruits, and mash things like bananas. Older kids can help more with measuring ingredients, checking the timers, and some “soft” cutting skills.

Get game night back

If you don’t already, bring on the fun with game night! Pull out the cards, the puzzles, and the board games. Get a weekly game night going, and you can put it on the calendar as something for everyone to look forward to. Check out these top rated family board games here, or keep it simple with games like these.

Make the time to make the most of this winter and enjoy the holiday season! Happy holidays to all 🙂

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