Healthy for the holidays

Holiday cookies, big family meals, holiday parties at work…no wonder December triggers getting out those big holiday sweaters and stretchy pants. Food is such an important part of the holidays. It symbolizes coming together, spending quality family time together, and celebrating the holiday season. Our advice to staying healthy for the holidays? Don’t forgo the celebrations — just enjoy them healthy!

Healthier during the day

If you know you and your partner or the kids are attending holiday parties in the evening, make sure breakfast and lunches are healthy and balanced during the day. Preparing and pre-packing snacks like fruits, veggies, whole grains and nuts, for the whole family to have during the day is also helpful. Trying to get in that morning yoga routine or 20 minute walk during your lunch break is especially a good habit to start and maintain during the holiday season.


Load up your plate

For those buffet parties, filling your plate will allow you to note how many treats/what types of food you’re consuming before you start. When we walk around a party picking up treats and sweets throughout the evening without paying attention, we can end up eating much more than we wanted to or were even aware of initially.  

Make your own

Making your own healthy dish and bringing it to a holiday party or event ensures that you can at least know of one healthier item there! Some great ideas for easy and healthy holiday dishes can be found here (link back to other blog post).

Stay active

Encourage family or holiday activities that involve being active! Winter walks or hikes, early morning mall window-shopping, ice skating, sledding, and daily yoga, at-home routines are just a few ideas. Take advantage of your neighborhood YMCA for an indoor swim, create a holiday scavenger hunt for the kids, or throw a dance party for the family! Staying active will also relieve some of the stress that comes with the holidays!

This is the time to have fun together and make memories. So let’s enjoy the holidays in a healthy and balanced way!