How to stay balanced and enjoy the holiday season

Ok, so we survived Thanksgiving! The first of many holiday season get-togethers, parties, and meals. Let’s be honest, the holiday season can get hectic, especially for parents, mothers-to-be, or just about anyone trying to balance a busy life while enjoying the festivities. So how do we do it? Here are some tips for finding balance and still enjoying the holiday season.

Say yes to help

We tend to want to do it all, but especially this month, try to step back and take up any offers of help. If you have a partner or family help — use it! Have family members help with errands or pick ups from school/daycare/playdates.

Delegate, and choose quality over quantity

If you are hosting a party or holiday dinner, don’t be shy! Ask everyone to bring something. Choose the one or two dishes that you will enjoy making the most, and use any extra non-cooking time to spend with your family. Your guests will be happy to bring and enjoy their favorite dishes, so everyone wins! These are the moments we will remember.

Gift meaningfully

Whether it’s making a creative DIY gift with the kids or forgoing a pile of gifts for a special family trip or treat, there are many ways to make gift giving a little less materialistic and more meaningful.

Give back

‘Tis the season for giving! Setting aside time to volunteer and give back is a great family activity, and it puts meaning into the holiday season.

Take time for yourself, guilt-free

If it’s getting that manicure you’ve been putting off, having a glass of wine when the kids go to bed, or even taking a nap when you have an afternoon break,do it! You need a break as much as anyone else, and we all know that “me time” is critical to balance and reset.