Ovia hosts first Parenting Exchange: Work-Life Balance

We’ve partnered with one of our hometown nonprofits, Room to Grow, to host our inaugural Parenting Exchange speaker series! We’re bringing key members of the Boston community together for three panel discussion events throughout the fall. We’ll be discussing everything from leadership and motherhood in the workplace to nutrition for Baby.

Our first event “Women in Leadership: How to Achieve Work-Life Balance” was held at Room to Grow’s office and donation center in Boston on Wednesday night, September 21st. Open to all Ovia mamas and mamas-to-be, we kicked the night off with some networking and yummy treats!

Our panelists included two wonderfully intelligent and ambitious women: Diane Hessan – Chairman of C Space and Entrepreneur and Danna Greenberg – Professor at Babson College and Author. Our discussion was moderated by our very own Gina Nebesar, Chief of Product and Marketing at Ovuline, mom, and star of the Ovia Pregnancy weekly videos!

Danna, Diane, and Gina at The Parenting Exchange.

Danna, Diane, and Gina at The Parenting Exchange.

Diane and Danna blew the lid off of the common concept of “work-life balance.” According to these women, there is no such thing. As Diane eloquently put, “Life is not balanced. Life is messy.” Some nights you are going to feel like a terrible mother and some days you’re going to feel like a terrible colleague. There are good days and bad days. Attempting to divide your life up into percentages is a futile effort: 50% at work and 50% at home is not going to work.


What to do instead? Diane shared an invaluable piece of advice that was shared with her many years ago: your kids deserve a happy mother. Whether that means you’re working 90 hour weeks or are at home full-time, or that means you leave dishes in the sink every morning or vacuum daily. Whatever makes you happy, do it. Your kids feed off of your energy. Take care of yourself and your kids will be all the better for it. Danna echoed this sentiment and put it beautifully: have a joyful life.

Nuggets of advice to take away from the panel: 

  • Go for it. Whatever “it” is — do it! Be ambitious.
  • Empower your partner. Allow your partner to co-parent without criticism or hovering. You’ll reap the benefits.
  • Balance is irrelevant when it comes to work and life. Find a way to carve out a successful and satisfying life with a holistic approach unique to you.
  • Your kid(s) deserve a happy mother.
  • Have a joyful life.


Interested in attending our next Parenting Exchange event? Join us Tuesday, October 18th at 5:30 PM for our discussion on maternity and paternity leave. This interactive discussion will explore the primary concerns of expectant and new parent employees and will offer strategies to help employees and their managers plan for a successful leave and return.