What does a “healthy pregnancy” mean?

Today’s post is written by Rosie Pope, co-founder and creative director of Rosie Pope Maternity, Rosie Pope Baby and MomPrep. She is also the author of MOMMY IQ (Harper Collins 2012) and a TV personality. On top of that, she’s most proudly a mom to 4 and when she’s not working or chauffeuring her kids around in their prized mini-van, she’s attempting to build the most epic train track, disguised as a Ninja Turtle or brewing another cup of coffee!

When I found out I was pregnant with my first child, my excitement level was off the charts!  Once it set in that I would be sharing my body for the next nine months with my growing baby, I became laser focused on having a ‘healthy pregnancy’.

To me that meant educating myself on all of the things that I could do to help give my baby a healthy and strong home (body) to grow in.  I researched everything under the sun; what to eat, what to stay away from, how much weight to gain, benefits of prenatal exercise, how vitamins would help support me and my baby, etc.

As a society, plenty of attention is given to the physical changes in a woman’s body during pregnancy, but the emotional and mental aspects of pregnancy don’t always get discussed — yet they can also play important roles in having a healthy pregnancy.

What I learned from my first pregnancy, and with each of the three that followed, is that a holistic approach to pregnancy is best. This means focusing on taking care of yourself as a whole — not only physically, but also emotionally and mentally.  So today I want to share a couple of tips that I hope you find helpful:

Tip #1 Remind yourself that change is good

Be aware that while it can be difficult to see your body change drastically in such a short period of time, every new change is a sign of progress and health for your baby! So when you notice your body changing, make a conscious decision to exchange a sigh for a moment of self-pride.  You’re literally Wonder Woman during pregnancy. Own it!

Tip #2 Connect with your emotions

Pregnancy involves a complex mix of emotions, both good and bad – and some you may have never experienced before.  Although this can sound scary, the best thing you can do for you and your baby is to recognize your feelings in the moment – good or bad. Don’t judge yourself for feeling a certain way, and certainly don’t try to ignore your feelings. Doing so will only create stress and stress is definitely not good for your baby or you.  Consider keeping a journal and sharing it with your doctor or a loved one.  Sometimes talking through emotions and what triggers emotion is helpful.

Tip #3 Health post-baby

Your holistic approach in caring for you and your baby doesn’t have to stop after your baby is born.  It’s important to be aware of options that are available to you now, during pregnancy, that can help plan and prepare for your little one’s future health.  One thing to consider is saving the umbilical  cord blood and cord tissue after your baby is born.

To learn more about cord blood banking and its potential health benefits, visit ViaCord.com